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Defense Supplier

Custom sheet metal fabrication—such as brackets, covers, and electronical chassis—is essential for the production of armored vehicles and offensive weapons in the military and defense sectors. The fabrication or formation of metals must be completed to exact standards set by government bodies and defense contractors in order for these units to operate efficiently.

B&H is proud to serve multiple US and foreign allied military branches. We offer punch, bend, cut, and stamping services for the most up-to-date solutions using our state-of-the-art  facility.

Metal fabrication services must adhere to tight tolerances and stringent standards set by the military and defense industries. With high-quality metal products created of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and other materials, we meet those requirements.

  • Specialty metal parts – From specialized chassis to aircraft seating, our equipment can produce unique metal parts that adhere to strict tolerances, meet specific contract requirements, and withstand high intensity use.
  • Metal components –Any sheet metal material may be customized to fit your application from warships to combat vehicles.

Large and Small

Aircraft Industry

B&H Precision Fabricators has had a long and successful association with the aircraft industry. With a multitude of small and medium-sized parts required to assemble these miracles of flight, we have been tasked to manufacture precision components in all sizes, shapes, quantities, and complexities from simple to mind-bending. We have used materials ranging from common to space age.

We have worked alongside our aircraft partners to fabricate a long list of components. Both prototype and production meet the needs of engineers and other teams working on tight and rigid requirements. B&H has teamed with our customers in this fast-paced industry to offer our expertise in precision metal fabrication, fast prototype, and production times, and being able to offer our customers the ability to go from design to prototype to production in a timely fashion.

B&H has been a valued partner whose experience covers everything from ejection seats on fighter jets, custom instrumentation panels, sub-assemblies for cockpit applications, housings for radar jamming equipment, and customized lighting and overhead displays.

Serving all branches

Medical Supplier

As a precision metal fabricator, we have had the opportunity to manufacture and supply the medical community here on Long Island with a diverse assortment of fabricated metal products.

B&H Precision Fabricators has been involved with prototyping and production of such devices as blood chemistry analyzers used for everything from cancer testing and treatments, to the most recent COVID-19 vaccine solutions. We have also partnered with and supplied precision metal parts for the manufacturer of portable X-ray systems. Those units are used in patient testing and imaging, as well as both urgent care facilities and nursing homes. Another application of our precision produced components is in the new field of body shaping and sculpting. We have fabricated many parts used in these liposuction stations, be it metal components or stands.

As the field of medical treatments and testing continues to grow, our team at B&H stands ready to assist and serve the many companies and manufacturers that require metal based products.

Contract Manufac­turers & OEMs

Crafting the parts necessary to build and manufacture important computer hardware, enclosures, and other electronic devices and component parts.

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