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Equipment Used

View a list of equipment that B&H Precision utilizes in order to craft various types of metal and metal manufacturing products.

ABout B&H Precision

B&H Precision Fabricators has specialized in precision sheet metal fabrication for multiple Industries since 1978.

Our Certifications

B&H precision’s has an established and continuously improving Total Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards.
Metal Fabrication Services


B&H Precision Fabricators has specialized in precision sheet metal fabrication for a wide range of industries since 1978. We two generations strong. Here on Long Island we have seen many of our competitors come and go. Yet our business remains strong which is a testament to the dedication of our principles, quality, customer satisfaction, and honesty that have been instrumental in our long term success. We treat every project and requirement with the same level of our team’s constant strive for excellence. We ALWAYS have our clients needs, delivery constraints, and satisfaction as our key goals. We never stop trying to be the very best we can be. We treat every customer, no matter how large or how small, with the same honesty, respect, and commitment, every day, every job! That is what B&H was founded on, and will continue to be, our promise to our valued clients.

Who We Are

B&H Precision Fabricators, Inc. is a small, woman owned business specializing in the manufacture of sheet metal components.


Our production staff and engineers can create and manufacture products out of any concept presented to them.


Whether you provide B&H blueprints, a sketch, or a simple thought, our staff will work with you to turn your concept into the perfect product.


A quality product is our business and excellence is our standard.


Our industries applications include military, commercial, aircraft, computer, electronics, and architectural.


Our materials applications include stainless steel, aluminum, cold rolled steel, brass, copper, and titanium.
Metal Fabrication Services


Sheet metal fabrication capabilities include laser cutting, numerically controlled full sheet punching, automated bending and forming, robotic, and manual welding, AWS certified welding, spot-welding, assembly, and finishing.

Excellence in precision sheet metal fabrication

Have a question about our metal fabrication process or what B&H can do for you and your company, feel free to contact us today! We love assisting our community and other companies with premium metal working and expert advice on how to best solve their fabrication needs fast.

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