Multiple Metal Fabrication techniques

Sheet Metal Fabrication

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, inconel, and titanium are some of the most common metals utilized in manufacturing. The gauge thicknesses range between .005”-1.000” thick.

Sheet metal fabrication may be a cost-effective option for partially flat or hollow components, as well as specialty industries including automotive, aerospace, defense, energy, and robotics. Sheet metal fabrication is also quick and produces little material waste. It’s used in industrial and consumer products as well as specialized sectors like automobile part manufacturing.

We offer a wide range of sheet metal fabrication services, including laser cutting, automated full-sheet punching, bending and CNC forming, TIG/MIG welding, spot-welding, assembly, powder coating, plating, non-destructive testing and finishing.

Excellence in precision sheet metal fabrication

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