Metal Bending Techniques


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B&H offers sheet metal bending and forming for a variety of large OEMs throughout the United States. Our sheet metal bending expertise allows us to offer custom design possibilities with the most exact  precision. When compared to other metal fabrication processes, CNC bending maintains tight form tolerances, and a consistent process control.

Sheet metal bending and forming are used to maintain the high performance of the metal while reducing the risk of damage. Sheet metal bending may be used on both huge products and tiny components that need a quicker turnaround time. B&H’s CNC sheet metal bending & forming technique is particularly useful for part consolidation and redesign for cost reduction. Our design strategy can help save you time and reduce the expense of sheet metal forming.

B&H uses top-of-the-line equipment to produce high-quality bends in metal products. They are ideal for a variety of applications, including structural frames, vehicle parts, machine components, and more.

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